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A comprehensive solution for the treatment of neurological injury

Foren combines different methodological aspects with the same objective: maximum recovery..

Our team is committed to daily hard work that combines traditional techniques based on evidence with the new contributions to neuroscience. That is to say, scientific certainty, experience, and innovation with the implementation of new technologies (Neurovirtuality).We stay on top of new developments in order to be able to offer solid work, means, and knowledge in favour of recovery from neurological injury.

We share 4 lines of work


A high-performance ambulatory care centre


A team of researchers to promote neuroplasticity


Development of medical devices


Development of wellness products

A high-performance ambulatory care centre.

 An intensive, motivated and calibrated plan, where through repetition and       an holistic focus on solving a problem, success is achieved.


Through an exhaustive evaluation we are able to design and propose personalized protocols with a specific goal.


The professional team is made up of highly-qualified therapists with experience in neurological rehabilitation, with a strong passion for their work and a great desire to excel. The patient-therapist tandem is crucial throughout the whole process. Information about the factors that will help in their recovery is shared with the patient and his family, in order for them to play an active role providing support.


Material resources are specific to this type of rehabilitation, and we take care to innovate everyday with the latest improvements and technology that can help in this recovery process.


Neurological plasticity is the foundation for rehabilitation to become a fact. Plasticity is the nervous system’s adaptive capacity to modify the structure, function, distribution and number of synapses depending on the demands of the internal and external environment.


Thanks to its ambition to innovate, FOREN has delved deeply into the area of Neurovirtuality, and as pioneers in its study has defined it as the study of the effects of virtual reality on neuroplasticity mechanisms.


Virtual reality is able to create mental and sensitive states outside of what is real, forcing the brain, which is not oblivious to this technology, to make an effort to decode and interpret in this new environment. Furthermore, the body also receives its stimuli offering different somatic, visceral, physiological and even psychological responses.


At the present moment, a methodology based on Neurovirtuality is possible, and FOREN has proposed it on its traditional treatments, achieving very good results.

A team of researchers to promote neurological plasticity.

Development of medical devices.

Development of products that seek to foment neuroplasticity mechanisms from the first moment the injury has occurred. We want to reach homes and clinics, but mainly ICUs and acute treatment units.

In-depth study of Neurovirtuality has allowed us to develop a product that fosters plastic remodelling and healthy repetition.

To make this possible, we combine the moment of active effort and proper sensitive input (electrostimulation, kinesiotherapy, vibration and/or temperature), with an intention to imitate by the patient. For the emulation of movement to be positive, it must take place in a consistent and real context, which is achieved thanks to virtual real.


Products that seek to provide wellness and prevention. The research and results obtained from neurological injuries can be extrapolated to the entire population. Ideal muscle function requires neurophysiological function, and this search is common in both rehabilitation and prevention.


At Foren, we want to share our research with everyone, in order to use this technology as a plausible element in daily self-care, and thus serving as therapeutic support in cases such as trauma injuries or natural atrophy beginnings.

Development of wellness products



Sector Islas 21, Tres cantos. MADRID. SPAIN.

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