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Giving back the movement activating your brain

Foren combines different methodological aspects
with the same objective:
maximum recovery.

The Foren Method is a comprehensive solution for the treatment of motor injuries through Virtual Reality. Foren is a therapeutic tool for anyone that is in a state of immobility. Reduces recovery time, increases muscular strength, normalises sensitivity and promotes motivation.

Our team is committed to a daily hard work that combines traditional techniques based on the evidence with the new contributions of the Neuroscience: evidence of experience (MBE) and innovation with the implementation of new technologies (Neurovirtuality). We are constantly learning and updating to be able to offer a solid work, means and knowledge in favor of recovery from neurological injury.

We share 4 lines of work


A high-performance outpatient care center


A team of researchers that promote neurological plasticity


Medical devices development


Wellness products development

A high performance outpatient care center.

Intensive individualized protocols with specific goals defined over time. Rehabilitation work combines the experience of evidence with the ambition to innovate. Through an exhaustive evaluation we are able to design and propose an individualized plan of intensive, motivated and graduated work, where the tandem patient-therapist is fundamental throughout the entire process.


Neurological plasticity is the foundation for rehabilitation to be a fact. FOREN has deepened in the Neurovirtuality. Neurovirtuality is: “the study of the influence of virtual reality on the mechanisms of neurological plasticity”. Virtual reality manages to create mental and sensitive states that are out of touch with reality.  The brain makes an effort to decode and interpret in this new environment. The brain is not unaware of this technology, and the body also receives its stimulus by offering different somatic, visceral, physiological and even psychological responses. Our research consists of direct this stimulation towards the development of positive plasticity, supporting then the mechanisms of neurological recovery. As of today, a methodology based on Neurovirtuality is possible. FOREN has implemented in its traditional treatments achieving great results.

A team of researchers by and to promote neurological plasticity

of medical devices.

Product development that seek to promote the mechanisms of neuroplasticity from the first moment of the injury. Our goal is to reach homes, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, high performance centres and residences for the elderly. But mainly ICUs and acute care units. The in-depth study in Neurovirtuality has allowed us to develop a product that, combining the moment of active effort (of muscular activation) observation with imitative intention in a congruent and real context (thanks to virtual reality), with the appropriate sensory input ( electrostimulation, kinesitherapy, vibration and / or temperature), encourages plastic remodeling and healthy repetition. Then synaptic remodeling is encouraged in favor of the recovery of that movement.


Products that pursue wellness and prevention. The research and results obtained in neurological lesions can be extrapolated to the entire population. Ideal muscular functioning requires neurophysiological functioning, and this search is usual in rehabilitation and prevention. We want to share our research with everyone, in order to serve as a plausible element in daily self-care and even as therapeutic support in case of injury: Athletes, elderly, anyone in a immobility state (trauma injuries or natural principles of atrophy…) can benefit with this technology.

Development of wellness products



Ronda de Poniente 12, Local E, Tres cantos. MADRID. SPAIN.


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